whitening or bleaching*

Most bleaching products are peroxide-based and are actually capable of altering the colours of the tooth itself. However, not all tooth discolourations respond to tooth-bleaching treatments. Because of this, Dr. Williamson will have to determine the cause of your tooth discolouration and determine whether a bleaching treatment will have the desired result. This step is especially important for patients with fillings, root canal treatments, crowns and/or with extremely dark stains on the anterior teeth, who are looking to brighten their smile.

A number of different bleaching techniques and products are available to patients. Dr. Williamson will use one of these methods to whiten your teeth:

Vital bleaching is done on "living" teeth and can be used to whiten your teeth if they have become stained by food or tobacco, or if they have become dark with age.

We have several options depending on your situation including in office bleaching, take home mouth guards and bleaching toothpastes not available to the retail market. Aeir Dental uses the in office Iveri™ Tooth Whitening System that is a fast (20-30 minute) pain free solution to dark, stained teeth.

Non-vital bleaching is bleaching done on teeth that are no longer "alive." If your tooth has changed colour because of a root canal, non-vital bleaching can lighten your tooth from the inside out.

*Bleaching should be done only under a dentist's care. 

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