I would like to become a new patient or have my teeth cleaned, what do I need to know?

We are happy you want to become our patient! 

At Aeir we want to get to know you and take the time to gather as much information as we can about your health history, dental history and any dental issues you might have. In order to do this, we require 2.5 hours on your first visit. The first hour is spent with Dr. Ed.  He will discuss the information you have given us as well as, taking a series of x-rays, a full oral exam and cancer screening. The next 1.5 hours is spent with our hygienist, when she will probe your mouth, checking your bone and gum levels. After determining your bone and gum health she will do an initial cleaning, polish and fluoride treatment. If our hygienist determines a further hygiene visit is required, it will be booked during your current appointment.




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