Extractions including Wisdom teeth

One of the most common oral surgeries we preform at Aeir Dental are tooth extractions. At Aeir Dental, we take pride in making sure this is done gently and efficiently; as your comfort is one of our top priorities. 

Your wisdom teeth are the teeth farthest back in your mouth, located in both the upper and lower jaw; dentists refer to these as third molars. Most patients do not have ample room for wisdom teeth.

When our jaws do not provide room for the addition of wisdom teeth, they often become trapped within the bone or gums, which is called impaction. Often times our teeth will attempt to create space for themselves, which can cause future issues, if not addressed. The following problems can arise, as most commonly seen in young adults:

  •  Crowding of your other teeth
  •  Creating cavities on the teeth directly in front of your wisdom teeth
  •  Creating cysts or infections within the jaw bone due to bacteria that can accumulate around the wisdom teeth

To best protect your oral health, we may recommend removing the third molars at a young age. This way, there is a lesser chance of problems ever arising.  Extracting wisdom teeth at a young age means that the root has not fully developed, thus making the teeth easier to extract and speedier recovery for our patients. 

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