white fillings

White or tooth coloured fillings, also know as composite white fillings, or composite resins are a significant upgrade from mercury or silver filling. These fillings mimic real tooth matter and usually are unnoticeable. They are made from a resin (a silicon dioxide-filled plastic mixture) material that is bonded to your tooth.

The advantages of composite fillings from traditional old silver fillings are:

  • Composite fillings are colour matched to your natural tooth shade
  • Composites have a longer life span which is typically 7-10 years depending on your home regimen
  • A more substantial amount of your tooth structure is preserved when placing them
  • Composite fillings bond to your tooth in a way that produces a strong support for your tooth, which means it’s less susceptible to breakage and temperature changes
  • Composite fillings have minimal post operative consequences
  • If a composite filling becomes damaged, it is easily repaired

At Aeir Dental we believe in conservative dentistry which means we strive to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible.

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